Our business concept is to guarantee our customers significant and measurable savings on the range of manufacturers we sell. In general our customers save more than 7% on purchase, compared to their previous costs with the same manufacturers.
For this reason, we find our focus is mainly on high value components, making sure these lines on the bill of materials will give our customers the largest piece of the cost-saving pie.

Although our product range is more selective compared to other well-known distributors, we believe it’s better to be strong in a small range of brands than being average in a large range!

We make sure each customer is being helped by one dedicated salesperson. This personal contact guarantees a smooth, long-term relationship which assures that our customers’ production schedule will be optimal because of the just-in-time deliveries.

A large group of our customers prefer call-off orders over a period of 6 - 18 months, we allocate these 'buffer stocks' in our former bank vault, ready for scheduled deliveries.

In the last two years we’ve started a new company called 1stCon components, specialized in hard-to-find components. We found it important to separate 1stCon’s activity from the regular term business of Epicor.

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