Epicor has invested in software tooling (IHS BOM Manager), which enables us to consult the most recent documentation of virtually all manufacturers. This includes, amongst others: PCNs (Product Change Notifications), Lifecycle information, Datasheets and potential equivalents.
With the aid of this tooling, Epicor is informed as soon as a manufacturer publishes changes.
It is exceptionally important for the end client to be informed of any changes in the lifecycle of a component in a timely manner. If a component should become obsolete, Epicor receives notification well before the “last time buy” and the client thus has sufficient time to take appropriate measures. This could be a redesign, or a last time buy, which Epicor can supply long-term by means of blanket orders.

We can also consult documentation regarding REACH, RoHS and Conflict Minerals with the click of a mouse.
Thus, the client is always abreast of the latest developments in respect of a component, or your product’s BOM list.
You can find more information about IHS BOM Manager here.

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