Epicor has developed long-term relationships and partnerships with various franchised distributors and design houses. Thus, traceability and manufacturer’s warranties are guaranteed. In addition to these external guarantees, Epicor has also optimised internal quality standards. Drying chamber: Instead of the previous system of baking / drying components to extend shelf life, we are now able to dry components in a controlled environment by achieving 1% humidity with a temperature of 60 degrees Celsius. In addition, the acquisition of a new sealing apparatus that enables the highest quality MBB (Moisture Barrier Bag) to be sealed after the addition of a small amount of nitrogen is a significant development. As a result, oxidation is limited to a minimum. These processes take far less time to complete; we can dry a component within 18 hours with MSL3.

Epicor was one of the first distributors in the world to achieve ISO ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certification.

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