Epicor Components B.v, an electronics distributor founded in 1994, specialises in saving costs on the purchase of components.

Our objective is to achieve significant and above all, measurable savings for clients on the range of brands we sell. In general, Epicor saves clients an average of 5+% on the current purchase prices of our best-selling brands. For this reason, Epicor focuses primarily on high-value components.  Naturally, these items represent the biggest cost savings on the bill of materials.

Epicor focuses primarily on the following brands: Microchip, Xilinx, Altera, Analog Devices, Avago, Cypress, Power Integrations, Renesas, Cirrus Logic, Cree led’s, Everlight, TI and NXP.
We also have excellent relationships with various manufacturers for NTCs and PTCs. In most cases, we are able to offer high quality and reliable alternatives according to current specifications, or your desired specifications.

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